companies headquarter

The Atlas with its 4000 meter high mountain range is the southern end of the Mediterranean climate zone and setting  a natural barrier to all clouds from the northern Atlantic. From here on down south there is the desert climatic zone of the Sahara with a radiation energy up to 2400 kWh per square meter (for comparison: Düsseldorf 700). Here is the town of Agadir with 600,000 inhabitants, an international airport, universities, large supply of skilled workers and junior executives, and since 09/27/2013 the operational bases of moroccan solar LLC.

The company’s headquarter is located in the Bay of Taghazout, which is with 600 ha one of the largest real estate developments in the country and has a final customer and consumption potential of 13,000 new units. Our office has secured underground parking, elevator, facility management, chauffeur service, advanced satellite communications and three guest suites for business partners and engineers.

Access via four-lane-highway No. 1, last exit to the right before the site office of Taghazout Bay, then up to the school of Tamraght; you can also take two modern buses from Agadir, get off on the stop Tamraght, turn right and 400m to the school of Tamraght.

moroccan Solar Energy Land and Development Company SARL
commercial register of Agadir No. 27403
tax identification No. 487 69 208
managing director: Niels Hardorp, Dipl.-Kfm.
mobil 0049 1522 923 6636

hay tisalioui, oflla, 2eme étage, Taghazout,
boite postal Aourir No. 249,
8000 – Agadir Maroc

Morrocan phone number: 00212 – (0) 631 424 060
Düsseldorf office: 0049 211 383038-0

headquarter in Taghazout Bay